I love me some new toys #loveit #S5 #Galaxy #Samsung

Light It Up Blue’ is a global campaign that sees thousands of iconic landmarks, cities and towns around the world turn blue on April 2 to recognise World Autism Awareness Day. The campaign highlights the pressing need for greater public education and awareness of autism in our community. #autism #AutismAwareness #help #support #worc #educate #love #selfie

It’s my favorite family members birthday today; my Dad and also one of my favorite moments with Him in this picture, not only because of how skinny I am in that picture but because He is showing his usual always smiling self and really reflects on he was. Talking to Appacha (Grandpa) last night made me realize how thankful I should be to have been raised by you and mom. I see and hear things about parents and kids and I can’t be thankful enough for the loving person you were. #HappyBirthday Dad! #ILoveYou #IMissYou God>Cancer

Congrats to my favorite and only brother, and future sister-in-law so glad to see this day has finally come. He has made everything beautiful in HIS time. There’s no better way to put it than in my Pastor’s words that he’s been searching through all means, continents and mission trips only to land him two states away. I guess #pokes have a way this day in age 😁 Love you guys and know that Dad is most definitely watching down over both of you guys. #Julwin #potentialhashtags #GodIsGood #Fam (at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

#Tbt to EGM Gala with @thisismathai and #OHE #Summer #Mathai

Would love to post my first #tbt moment in memory of this Man. This is my Pops, not sure how to else to describe him other than the fact that he was always smiling through the good and the bad especially during this storm of 1.2 ft of snow; This was one of the major storms/ blizzards we had after we moved and since we didn’t own a snow blower at the time, my Dad found joy in shoveling, including the street in front of the house even if that meant the plows were gonna come later. I LOVE LOVE my dad and MISS him soo much. Don’t ever loose sight of your family, no matter what. God>Cancer. I still believe it and still claim it. “Everybody says he ‘lost the battle with cancer,’ but he actually took the cancer down with him so it’s really a tie.” #GodIsGood #MyDad #NationalCancerDay

Happy Birthday Stephen. I can’t thank God enough for this guy and the blessing he has been to me even though I didn’t get invited to the “siblings Knicks game” but I still love you :) #successfulBDayCake #17 #CakeCakeCake #Stevepoo (at The Hood)

The #fierce handshake with FierceMcGee @reebafierce #Flo-rida (at Carrabba’s Italian Grill)

NOoooooo, leave it to @jmang26 (Jomon) to drop the Church New Year Cake. The elders were saying for the past 30 years they had no incident or ever dropped the cake. An IPA board investigation has been opened(jokes). #HappyNewYear #Last30Years #CakeCakeCake #IPA #GodIsSTILLGood (at India Pentecostal Assembly)

Meet the guy of the week, William Varghese (@iillwill) , one of the most selfless guys I’ve seen, sleep or not, the guy that’ll fix people’s electronics. Whether he’s ever on time, texts/responds back to you two days later, or doesn’t know if Psalms comes before Proverbs. I can say that He is one of the most solid soldering guys I’ve come across, repairing the back ends of our system so we can have our services run with no issues; without a complain or asking for recognition. He’s pretty passionate about what he does and never fails to put a smile on your face. Thankful to have Willy part of team for the Church. The best is yet to come. #BelieveIt (at India Pentecostal Assembly)